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Smylie D’s Masonry and Stucco, provides high quality stucco services for new and existing structures.  We can provide sophisticated high end finishing and detailing for new homes, as well as complete exterior refinishes for existing homes.  Of course we also provide patching services for small jobs.  If you are looking for a high quality job, attention to detail, and a skilled-professional staff…We are your exterior solution.

Smylie D’s Masonry and Stucco, brings years of siding, waterproofing, dry rot/structural repair, painting, and exterior coatings expertise to your project. We have been locally serving the area for years.  With almost 20 years in the construction industry and over 18 years experience with exterior finishing; we frequently get called in to complete jobs.  Some started by other companies, and some do it your selfers, but because of lack of expertise and craftsmanship they are not able to be completed.

While stucco is a traditional process of applying waterproof felt paper, foam or cement board, and a typical two coat process (“brown coat and finish”), there are many details that make for a successful stucco installation.  Details associated with proper application of paper, staples, and flashing are critical to waterproofing.  For high quality finishing, skilled craftsman are crucial!  A poor stucco job looks awful.  Selecting the right finishing details for trim can make a dramatic difference in the final outcome of the project.  The selection of the finish texture, as well as material for the finish coat is of paramount importance.  Many homeowners choose to upgrade the finish coat from the standard swirl look, to a textured elastomeric finish that provides texture, color depth, waterproofing, and resistance against cracking.  Frequently minor structural changes can be made to change the architectural features of the house.

Smylie D’s  Masonry and Stucco, also provides many different combinations of stucco, cultured stone, harristone, pro stone, and brick, with many other options.  Synthetic stone is manufactured to look like natural stone.  It is easier to install and less expensive than natural or real stone.  There are numerous textures and colors of stone including detail and trim stones.  Smylie D’s Masonry and Stucco, installs all type’s of synthetic stone, preferences vary greatly, so we offer numerous brands and choices. Most brand’s of stone offers a very wide variety of superior quality products.  Some (but not all) companies provide a 50 year limited warranty on all installations.  Of course as A mason/rock layer/stucco applicator, we stand proudly by our work. We also lay real rock/stone, and any variety of brick, block or keystone features you may choose.

We install and apply both traditional and hard coat stucco (“using cement board and Dryvit sheets”) and exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS). Smylie D’s Masonry and Stucco, prefers Total Wall products due to their warranties and superior product line.  Both systems are cementious-based products that are applied to a substrate providing a weather resistant exterior cladding.  One of the biggest differences between the two systems is the application process, and also cost.  Hard coat stucco is typically applied using lath and a base coat covered with a synthetic finish, with the cement board sheets there is much less chance for cracking cement or wavy walls.  The product comes in pre manufactured ½ inch sheets, thus giving it extreme flexibility and durability.

What is EIFS?

EIFS stands for exterior insulation and finish systems or outsulation. The product is also called synthetic stucco, and refers to a multi layered exterior finish that’s been used in European stucco construction since shortly after World War II, when contractors found it to be a good repair choice for buildings damaged during the war.  The majority of repairs to European buildings were to structures made of stone, concrete, brick, or other similar, durable materials.

EIFS can reduce air infiltration by as much as 52% compared to conventional stucco, standard siding (vinyl & seamless steel) or wood construction.  EIFS adds to the “R-value” of a building (R-value is the measurement of the resistance to heat flow); the higher the R-value number the better the insulation value.  Most EIFS use an insulation board with an R-value of, R-4.0 + R-5.9 per inch.  When the EIFS insulation board is combined with the standard wall equity insulation, it raises the R-value of the wall insulation from R-11 to R-18 or more.

The elegant look of EIFS resembles traditional stucco, but EIFS is far more versatile than masonry stucco because it comes in a limitless number of colors and a wide variety of design textures.  Special accents and trim (keystones, arches, quoins and moldings) are just a few examples of the flexible design capabilities that are usually cost prohibitive using conventional methods.

The three layers to EIFS:

*Inner Layer– Foam insulation board that’s secured to the exterior wall surface, often with adhesive or fasteners.

*Middle Layer– A polymer and cement base coat that’s applied to the top of the insulation board, then reinforced with fiberglass mesh netting.

*Exterior Layer– A textured finish coat with color.

Here are some commonly asked questions we already have answers for…


I’ve heard that water can get behind the stucco and ruin my house, is this true?

This is actually a problem with all improperly installed exterior claddings.  Smylie D’s  Masonry and Stucco, minimizes the possibility of this ever happening with proper system installation including caulk and vapor barriers around all windows and doors and proper diverter (kick-out) flashings where appropriate.  In the rare occurrence that moisture should get behind the system, it will be shed by the vapor barrier.  This house wrap or Jumbo-Tex felt paper is part of the moisture drainage system installed on every job. (black jumbo-tex 2ply paper is most common)

Do I have to paint my stucco once it’s applied?

No, nor should you.  The finish coats we use all have integral color for a long lasting, beautiful, maintenance free exterior.

Is there a way to prevent woodpeckers from damaging my stucco?

Yes. These birds are attempting to build a nest in your home and like the “hollow” sound EIFS makes when pecked on.  A very good option is to contact the local pest control. Some homeowners have had success building a nesting area and placing it away from the home.  Fake owls and shotguns are not really appropriate solutions.  Of course the best way to keep them from harming the stucco is having the Hard Coat system using cement board sheets installed.  A wise choice for homeowners with a high woodpecker population.

Is EIFS the only exterior cladding that has been associated with moisture problems?

No. The truth is, any exterior cladding, including brick, stone, siding or paint has the same potential for moisture problems if proper installation and precautions are not taken.  An interview with a general contractor in Wilmington, NC (where the EIFS controversy began) revealed that there are multiple homes wrapped in vinyl siding that are literally falling apart from wood rot.  These problems, like those seen with EIFS, are due to improper flashings, poor drainage design, and improper caulking or no caulking at all, not the cladding or system its self.  Hawk and Trowel Magazine, “Wood Rot Discovered Behind Vinyl Clad Town homes in NC,” Sandy Best, July 1999.

What is causing the moisture intrusion behind exterior claddings?

Many factors are involved including:

Shoddy construction practices- In areas with high growth, many general contractors are not properly monitoring the job site of those not fully licensed, or experienced enough.

Inexperienced installers- Many sub contractors are inexperienced, some leaving town shortly after getting paid. (Take the money and run)

Cheap Labor- Inexpensive labor is being utilized and many general contractors are going with the cheapest bid.

Decrease in Quality- There is a decrease in the quality of windows, doors, OSB, and other building materials.

Poor Drainage- Homes are being designed and built with little attention to drainage, or just poor drainage systems entirely.

Poor Flashing and Caulking- Poor or no flashing where required.  Use of improper caulk or no caulking at all.

Maintenance Issues- Poor maintenance by homeowner after construction is completed

In conclusion, all exterior claddings have the same potential for moisture intrusion.  This problem is not with the cladding itself, but the underlying materials and/ or construction of the building.  With good construction, proper cladding application techniques, and good homeowner maintenance, moisture intrusion should not be an issue.

DEFINITIONS (of those “weird” words!)

EIFS (pronounced “eefs” or “eefis”) Exterior Insulation Finish System.  EIFS is a synthetic coating over foam core and fiberglass mesh.  It is used to provide details around windows, doors, columns, etc. and also on flat wall surfaces when finer texture is wanted.  Allows a lot of artistic expression and has a much smoother texture than conventional stucco.  It can also be applied over a “hard coat” such as cement board sheets or conventional stucco brown mud for durability.  The same applies to some varieties of siding and most all brick or block surfaces.

CULTURED STONE Synthetic stone applied over a base surface, usually consisting of black paper, key mesh and a scratch coat.  Comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and prices!  Adds a touch of class and flair to the front of a home, basement, fireplace or bathroom.

THIN BRICK (OR Z-BRICK) Thin brick is similar to cultured stone.  It is applied piece by piece over a pre existing surface and resembles real brick.  It looks great on chimneys, fireplaces, kitchen walls, etc.

CUT BRICK Also called “stucco brick”.  A base coat of brown mud is applied to the wall, and then another coat of a color wanted for the joints between the bricks, then a thin layer of brick color over all.  While the top two layers are still wet, the worker(s) cuts lines into the wet mud to resemble bricks.

BROWN COAT Usually applied over key mesh or foam unless being applied over cement block or brick.  This is the “undercoating” for the finish, stone, thin brick or EIFS.  It provides stability, insulation and smooth surface for the finish to run on.  It is applied with a trowel and is usually applied in one coat but two may be needed in those “tricky” spots. The first coat is the “scratch coat” over brick, block, or key mesh and the second is the brown coat, is mostly used to smooth out rougher areas of scratch coat.

FINISH COAT The finish is a color coat that is applied after the brown coat is dried, usually 24 hours later, depending on weather and temperature.  Finish can be mixed in a variety of colors and can be applied in a variety of textures, though one should keep the color of the finish light as the lighter colors keep their color longer without fading or streaking.

RESURFACE A “resurface” is applying a new finish coat to an existing stucco surface.  Many people who have a lot of stucco repairs to be made might find it cheaper to simply have the whole wall resurfaced.  A resurfaced wall gives the homeowner the opportunity to update the color and texture of the stucco, too.

KEYMESH Key mesh is nailed or stapled with 1 inch crowned staples over the weather barrier.  It resembles chicken wire and gives the Stone or Z brick something to “grab” onto.  Smylie D’s uses 18-gauge self-furring key mesh which is a little more expensive but provides MUCH more stability and durability than the lighter gauges of wire.

REPAIR Repairs can include:  chips in the stucco, stucco “flaking” off the wall, wire/stucco sagging, fixing around replaced windows, cracks in chimneys or walls.  No repair is too big or too small for us to handle!   Call us and well discuss your options!

For a clean, professional, outstanding looking job… just remember to call us.  Whether your job is BIG or small, we do it all.  Brick, Block, Cultured Stone, Plaster, Rock, and Stucco.  Call us for that next project; we can do the most elaborate commercial building to the simplest mailbox at your home.  Nothing is too tough when you let Smylie D’s Masonry and Stucco bring your vision to reality.