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We are looking for the Best Mason’s to work for the Best Masonry Company in Southeast Idaho.

Smylie D’s Masonry and Stucco has been built on the foundation that our people are our most valuable resource. Our success is driven by our strong career development programs, expanded opportunities, and unmatched construction resources.

The culture of the company is a product of our core values – honesty, integrity, teamwork, and a commitment to excellence. These principals guide our operations and establish Smylie D’s Inc. as a benchmark for the construction industry.

PUBLIC NOTICE: All positions for which Smylie D’s Masonry and Stucco is hiring, are posted on the webpage under career opportunities. Positions that are being advertised on other websites or recruiting sources and are not ALSO posted on the corporate website do not offer legitimate employment opportunities, are invalid, and should not be relied upon.

Working at Smylie D’s Inc.

The foundation of Smylie D’s workplace culture was laid when we opened our doors in 2009. Since day one we’ve nurtured a safe yet challenging environment, driven by a team-player mentality that demands personal accountability from each employee.

We also encourage forthright communication at all levels, whether it’s from our corporate executives down to our craftsmen on the jobsite. These are the traits that our clients, partners and employees have come to appreciate and expect from Smylie D’s.

Training. Growing from Within.

Like any other industry, construction is constantly changing. Smylie D’s Inc., strives to keep ahead of the curve by devoting substantial time and resources to employee training as technology improves, processes become more refined and building standards change.

Through certifications in programs like OSHA Safety Training and Safe Scaffolding Practice classes, or on the job Safe Scaffold Use Training, Forklift Training and various other areas, there’s plenty of opportunity for employees to grow and advance within Smylie D’s.

The Smylie Way

At Smylie D’s Inc., we live the philosophy of “Constructing with Integrity.” This commitment to excellence symbolizes our philosophy of doing business.

It articulates our fundamental values of hard work, thrift, honesty and fairness. It reminds us to extend respect to all people and honor their individuality. It means listening to understand—then fulfilling our commitments made.

Our Integrity is measured by quality, truth, honor and unity.


Quality defines the standards of excellence we build into every structure and relationship. Whether it’s found in our precision scheduling, detailed estimating, open-book project accounting or forthright communication, our management style stands as a symbol of quality and first-class work, long after our craftsmen have left the job.

Truth & Honor

This defines our commitment to our associates—the people with whom we partner on behalf of the client—including owners, subcontractors, architects, vendors and the community. We are dedicated to working together, respecting everyone’s interests and maintaining a common agenda for contract fulfillment.

We believe that increased effort on behalf of our clients—as well as closer alliances with our colleagues—will result in fair business practices, open communication and high levels of trust within our relationships.

Unity & Completeness

This speaks of the way we work as an organization. Cooperation between departments—with a continual focus upon teamwork—enables the us to achieve customer fulfillment and company success. It means loyalty to one another and a helping hand or suggestion when needed.

We are determined to operate with total quality and integrity, fortifying a reputation built upon these values.

These words act as a daily reminder of how we seek to do business. Our goal is that our actions will continually demonstrate these values, differentiate us from our competition and defend the interests of those we serve.

We focus our efforts on the customer and the purpose of the capital expenditure. When our customer is successful, we succeed.

We clearly differentiate our performance by creating lasting relationships with employees and customers, understanding and exceeding customer expectations, and entering every opportunity with a spirit of open communication, innovation and integrity.

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